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"Once you reach the point of self discovery and self love, you lose your fear and become fearless. And that is where the magic happens."

Angela Watson

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Meet Angela

As a  Beauty & Style Coach, I am passionate about helping plus size women to discover and achieve their own personal style, identity and confidence.

For those of you that are held back by weight, I will help you find courage and strength to conquer your fear and follow your dreams and passions.

By creating a style that is unique to your body shape, colour palette, personality and lifestyle, you will now have the tools to embark on your journey to self discovery. Remember beauty and style is for all shapes and sizes.

My Services

As a Beauty Therapist and Style Coach, I want you to experience a holistic approach to creating your style, building true confidence and finding balance to be your best self.

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My Style Journey

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Style Basics

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Grooming and Welbeing

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Personal Shopping

What Clients Say

"I am a mother of four, with no inclination to look good. I just want to get through the day with my sanity in tact. Angela showed me that with the correct wardrobe for my lifestyle, I could still wear comfortable and practical outfits and still look my best each day. I now get dressed everyday, wear makeup and look much better in only 20 minutes a day. I feel fabulous!"

Joanne Rose

Wexford, Ireland

"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality"

Shawn Ashmore